There are so many myths about gambling… Read this article to get to know about the five most popular ones!

The gambling industry is surrounded by myriads of myths. On the one hand, it’s great because myths add charm to games. They make people curious and attract them to casinos. On the other hand, some individuals might get the wrong expectations and end up being disappointed. In this article, we’ll debunk five common myths about online and offline gambling. Hopefully, this information will help you make the most of your gaming sessions!

Gambling Can’t Be Addictive

Gambling can be addictive. But only a small part of the population is prone to this vice.

You don’t put yourself at risk if you gamble in your free time, using the money that you can afford to lose. We can start talking about the probability of a developing addiction if a person ticks at least one of these boxes:

  • Gambles with the money that they need badly for other purposes
  • Borrows funds to gamble
  • Keeps constantly thinking and talking about gambling
  • Pays increasingly less time to other activities, sacrificing their social and professional life

The chemical secret behind the addiction is very simple. When we win, our brain begins to release substances that make us feel euphoric. People want to experience it over and over. The good news is that gambling is not the only source of this pleasant sensation. You can have an equally enjoyable feeling when practicing sports, traveling, getting new knowledge and in other ways.

To prevent addiction, many casinos allow their customers to limit the time and funds that they spend gambling. As soon as you reach the limit, you won’t be able to play games until the end of the period that you indicated yourself. It’s a highly efficient method.

Casinos Never Play Fair

It’s one of the most common casino myths among people who have never tried to gamble on a licensed platform or in a legal venue. To get a license, the casino owners need to prove that they have enough funds for this business. They hire professional and experienced teams. The regulating authorities systematically inspect casinos to make sure the latter play fair. Otherwise, the venue might lose its license.

Game developers equip their products with algorithms that determine the frequency of wins and the amounts of prizes. They inspect casinos too to make sure the games operate as intended. Millions of players from all over the world can confirm that it’s realistic to win money in a casino.

People who complain about unfair platforms and venues often fail to read the rules attentively. For example, they might try to withdraw funds before having wagered their active bonuses, when it’s technically impossible. Or, they might sign up for unregulated casinos that can be scams indeed.

If You Start Winning Too Much, the Dealer Will Fine-Tune the Game

It’s a light variation of the previous myth. It has nothing to do with reality for three reasons:

  • Casinos take care of their reputation. They understand that fine-tuning can turn off many customers.
  • When someone hits a big win, it serves as excellent advertising to the casino. Repeated wins produce a perfect impression.
  • It can take many months or years to teach a dealer to fine-tune games. Not everyone is capable of doing it even after long training.

The truth is that if you win suspiciously frequently and a lot, the dealer will try to check if you’re cheating. For instance, if you resort to card count in blackjack in an offline casino, the management might expel you forever. But if you respect the rules and the casino can’t prove the fact of cheating, you won’t be sanctioned.

It’s Possible to Predict When You’ll Be Likely to Win in a Slot

This myth consists of two parts:

  • If you haven’t won for a long time, you’ll be likely to win soon
  • When a slot starts to pay out, it will keep on doing so for a while

Both statements are a matter of individual experience. They might turn out to be true in some cases — and in others, they will be false. It would be unreasonable to perceive them as rules or patterns.

The Busier the Casino, the More Generous Its Slots

The logic behind this myth is rather obvious. The more clients there are in a casino, the more funds they spend on bets in slots. The more cash the games get, the more willing they will be to distribute it among the customers.

The truth is that the algorithms of slots don’t take into account the amount of money in the machine. This parameter fails to influence the RPG or volatility of a slot.

However, we should admit that this myth might be based on two interesting facts that are 100% true.

The first fact is related to brick-and-mortar casinos. When they run slot tournaments, they offer generous prizes to the winners of these competitions. Indeed, what you witness is a combination of a full venue and handsome rewards in slots. Online casinos run tournaments too. But in this case, the attendance doesn’t matter that much.

The second fact refers to slots with progressive jackpots. The more players place bets, the larger the prize. However, it doesn’t impact your odds of winning. One day, someone will get the huge jackpot or at least a nice part of it. But there is no guarantee that it will be you on the day when the casino is busy.

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