Inventive scammers find ways to cheat on slots to make the games pay out large prizes. Read this article to find out what exactly they do!

Slots enable you to experience an immense adrenaline rush — and if fortune favors you, earn real cash. Selected games feature huge jackpots: if you win them, your life can change in the blinking of an eye. The thing is that it’s a game of chance whose outcome you can’t influence by honing your skills and building intellectual strategies. Naturally enough, some people start to think of how to cheat slots machine to guarantee a victory.

In this article, we’ll tell you about various ways of cheating slots machines. Each of them has proved its efficiency at least once — but all of them are illegal and might lead to sanctions. Such actions can be considered crimes and you might be required to return what you won. Please mind that we don’t encourage you to repeat any of these slot machines cheats!

Limited Cheating Opportunities in Modern Online Casinos

For an Internet casino, it’s not a problem to track the activities of thousands of its customers simultaneously. AI-powered solutions enable platforms to detect suspicious behavior patterns. As soon as the tracker reports an identified issue to managers, they will investigate the case and take measures if necessary. That’s why our list of tricks that online scammers use will be limited.

Get to Know the Source Code

People who don’t work in the gaming industry can hardly follow this recommendation. And those who do shouldn’t follow it because that would mean violating the rules of ethical professional behavior. Nevertheless, selected individuals might feel tempted to pull slot tricks simply because they have the necessary information.

Sooner or later, every manipulator ends up being caught. How long does it take to identify a person who’s been fiddling with the source code? The answer depends on what exactly they do and on which platform. If they’re careful enough, they might keep winning more frequently than they should for years. And then, they will most likely have to compensate for all the damage to the platforms!

Benefit from Software Glitches

How to cheat a slot machine with a cell phone? Today, it’s a popular question among people who are making their first steps in online gambling. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for all the law-obedient individuals), it’s impossible to interfere with the algorithms of online slots from your cell phone, especially if you want to remain unnoticed.

At the same time, glitches might take place occasionally. Due to them, games might pay out jackpots randomly. Experienced scammers may provoke glitches deliberately by playing specific patterns of stakes and games.

This causes a dubious situation. On the one hand, casinos strive to identify cheaters and avoid paying them out their prizes. On the other hand, it’s not always possible to prove the fact of cheating. In the end, selected lucky scammers manage to receive their winnings. And some honest players, by contrast, might fail to get what they deserve.

Exercise Your Creativity with Physical Slot Machines

The slot machine cheating devices that we’ll describe below will be related to physical games in brick-and-mortar casinos. Decades ago, it was easier to cheat on slots than now, when gambling tends to take place predominantly online. Casinos didn’t assign a dedicated security team to each machine. Not that they couldn’t afford it — but that would ruin the luxury ambiance. Inventive scammers went to great lengths to turn gambling institutions into their source of stable and generous income…

Resort to Fake Coins

When no one saw them, unscrupulous players used to put fake coins at stake. Only when someone approached them, they would risk their real cash. When they won, their prizes were paid out with real coins.

Pay with Shaved Coins

At a certain stage of technological progress, manufacturers used to equip slots with light sensors that registered payments. Typically, such sensors were disconnected from physical comparators. All a scammer needed to do was to send down simultaneously a shaved coin and an object of the same size and shape. The machine would return the coin to the customer — and the game would begin nevertheless because the slot would mistake the alternative object for the proper coin.

Blind the Optical Sensor with a Light Wand

The most challenging part was to bring the wand to a casino. But if the security guards didn’t know the purpose of this object, how could they ban it? A blinded sensor couldn’t calculate the coins properly. A scammer who knew how to manipulate the machine would win a small sum of money — and trick the slot into paying out a much larger amount.

Apply a Magnet

This technology is already outdated. If you try to repeat this trick in a modern casino, you’ll fail. Games of the current generation lack components that would react to magnets.

In the past, however, slot machines were made of metal. First, scammers set the reels in motion as intended. Then, they put a magnet on the machine from the outside. As a result, the reels stopped spinning at the moment when they were showing a winning combination.

This slot machine cheat required a lot of skills and experience. But it was worth it because it could help scammers win large sums.

Create a Yo-Yo Toy

Scammers attached a string to the coin and sent it into a machine. The reels started spinning — and players would pull back the coin with the help of a string. Don’t such vintage tricks seem funny and charming today?

Rely on a Bill Validator Device

Such a device made the slot believe that the player inserted a $100 bill in it. In fact, it could be a $1 bill.

Use a Top-Bottom Joint

Such an instrument consisted of two elements. A long wire served as its bottom. A metal rod with its end bent in the shape of a “q” was its top part. The task was to put the top through the coin slot and the bottom in through the coin chute. If performed properly, this trick made the machine release all the coins it stored.

Build a Monkey Paw

As we’re progressing down our list, the cheating techniques are becoming more and more sophisticated. A monkey paw was a tool that consisted of a bent metal rod and a guitar string. Scammers needed to thrust it into the slot’s air vent and wriggle it around. Their goal was to make the paw click the trigger switch for the coin hopper. It’s a mystery how unscrupulous guys could perform it in a clandestine manner — but they indeed managed to do it in the past…

Get a Piano Wire

A guitar was not the only musical instrument that one could use as a slot machine cheat device. 20-inch long piano wires were ideal for fiddling with the game mechanisms. Cheaters just needed to know how to attach them properly to the guts of the machine — and how to open the slot quickly and silently. After that, they got a chance to interfere with the spins by influencing the clock that measured the wheel rotations.

Replace Computer Chips

This one was for people who understood a thing or two in computer science. They took a computer chip that was compatible with slots, programmed it as they found necessary, took out the original chip from the machine and replaced it with the fine-tuned one. They inserted customized chips into as many slots as they could reach — and the machines diligently paid them the winnings.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this information exciting! However, we repeat that we don’t encourage people to cheat in online or offline casinos by any means. The best answer to the question “How to win on slots machine?” is: play honestly and wait until fortune favors you! Legal and licensed casinos always punctually pay out generous prizes to their lucky clients.

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