Top Video Slots Games

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A slot with a maximum win of 7,000x, RTP is 96.46-96.53% and high volatility.
A slot with a maximum win of 10,000x, RTP is 96.02% and high volatility.
A slot with a maximum win of 5,000x, RTP is 96.75% and high volatility.
A slot with a maximum win of 10,100x, RTP is 96.51-96.56 and high volatility.
A slot with a maximum win of 2,100x, Free Spins, Ante Bet, Buy Free Spins.
A slot with a maximum win of 10,000x and an RTP of 96.48%.
A slot with a maximum win size of 10,368x and 4,096 ways to win.
Candy Blitz Bombs slot with free spins, multipliers and max wins of 5,000x.
A slot with a max win of 5,000x, RTP is 96.46-96.49% and high volatility.
A slot from the much-loved series of games with a maximum win of 5,000x.
Reel King Megaways, by Inspired Gaming, offers up to 117,649 ways to win.
A slot with a maximum win of 5,000x, RTP is 96.00% and high volatility.

What are Online Video Slots?

Slot machines, or slots, are the most popular gambling method in land-based and online casinos. They are also called fruit machines or fruities due to traditional images on the spinning reels of lemons, cherries, and bananas. The other name of the slots is one-armed bandits because of the large mechanical levers stuck to the sides of old mechanical machines. Nowadays, offline and online slot machines are, in fact, both digital and based on a computerized random generator. Symbols appear on a video screen of a physical machine as they appear on the computer or mobile screens of online gamblers. Online fruities are run by sophisticated software and offer a lot of interactive elements, amazing video graphics, and advanced bonuses.

But, sometimes online slots are called video ones to discern them from online fruities designed in a retro style. Graphics and gameplay of retro, or classic, online slots are designed in a manner of old-fashioned mechanical one-armed bandits. Classic online fruities have three reels as the primary physical gambling automats had. One can enjoy spinning traditional slot symbols such as bars, fruits, and sevens. 

At the same time, video slots are often about at least five reels with a lot of bonus symbols and features. Video slots may have very sophisticated gameplay with different levels and built-in minigames. They can also be very aesthetically advanced and made with 3D graphics. While classic fruities are usually made in a style of old land-based slot machines, ultramodern video slots themes are about popular films, history, science, magic or wild nature, etc. collected the best of the best online video slot machines, classical and upstart ones, to enjoy the secure and beneficial play.

The Types of Online Video Slots 

There are a lot of different words that characterize slot machines. Let us dive into this terminology.

Video slots are the descendants of mechanical one-armed bandits. Actually, physical and online slot machines are both digital nowadays. Today’s land-based fruties show the symbols on video screens, so every modern slot machine can be named a video slot.

3D slots are the newest type of online video slots that provide gamblers with three-dimensional graphics.

3-reel slots are those machines from which slot gambling got started. Three reels on a mechanical or a video screen is a traditional one-armed bandit’s layout. The game starts when one spins the reels. The machine pays out if the symbols on the reels stop in a winning pattern.

5-reel slots are more popular nowadays. They offer more sophisticated gameplay and a higher number of standard and bonus symbols.

Classic slots or fruit machines are designed in a style of old-fashioned mechanical one-armed bandits. Classic online fruities have three reels as the primary physical gambling automats had. One can enjoy spinning traditional slot symbols such as bars, fruits, and sevens. 

AWP slots are similar to classic machines. The acronym stands for “amusement with prizes.” Fruities are called AWPs mainly in the United Kingdom. AWP is a pure game of chance that does not depend on the player’s skill.

SWP slots, otherwise, require a gambler’s mind and experience. SWP stands for “skill with a prize.”

Pokies or pokie slot machines are predecessors of videopoker. But still, pokies are just slot machines, not a card game. It uses symbols of playing cards and poker combinations. But all symbol patterns appear randomly, and players can’t influence their chances to win.

Progressive slots are called so because of the prizes that increase every time a gambler spins the reels. They also don’t declare a fixed jackpot size. The jackpot can reach millions of real dollars due to its progressing nature. In fact, players contribute to the jackpots themselves, and this is named a stake contribution strategy. This strategy allows slot providers to offer bigger winnings without funding cash.

Jackpot slots are often tight ones, but they promise the biggest winnings. It is hard to win in such online slots, and wagers are high. But the play is absolutely amazing. All of these machines have a progressive jackpot. 

Online video slots may be designed in all the above styles.

Bonuses and Symbols in Video Slots

A bonus is an additional option that appears when certain slot symbols form a winning combo. A bonus game or round unlocks during the regular gameplay. Not only do online slots provide gamblers with rewards. But it is hard to get bonuses for low house edge online games such as dice, roulette, live casino, and table games. Slot games, especially the newest online fruities, are the best choice to get sizable rewards.

There are deposit and no-deposit bonuses. Notice that all gambling services set their wagering requirements for the rewards. Read bonus policies to know about it. Usually, a player can only gamble or deposit more cash until the wagering requirements for the bonus are completed. Withdrawals are generally blocked during this time. No-deposit rewards are also about harsh wagering requirements. A no-deposit bonus is a credit that a gambling site gives to players, especially new ones. Many casinos offer no-deposit free spins to play. To withdraw the funds, one needs to wager the no-deposit bonus about a hundred times.

Bonuses can be given to a player directly by a support team, but they are more often granted during the gameplay. To get a reward, one should succeed to spin bonus symbols. There are the two main bonus symbols – scatter and wild ones – that appear on the screens of the newest slots together with standard symbols.

Scatter symbols are specific bonus symbols that trigger some beneficial features like free spins or games. These symbols are called so because they can land anywhere on the reels, not only on the same payline, to bring players some rewards. Usually, a slot machine requires at least three scatter symbols to offer a player an increased prize, a jackpot, or another reward. 

Wild symbols, like a joker card, supersede most other symbols in a slot game. They don’t substitute the other bonus symbols such as scatters. Wild symbols vary: there are stacked, sticky and expanding. Stacked wilds appear in a group of 2-5 symbols on the reel and bring significant rewards. Sticky wilds stay on the reels several (two or more) spins together and are usual for free spins games. Expanding wilds can expand across the number of reels. 

The most frequent types of rewards one can get playing the newest slots are:

  • Free spins. They are among the most frequent online slots bonuses. One usually gets free spins for three or more scatter symbols. The number of scatters determines the number of gifted spins. Free spins are also granted after depositing or winning the tournament. 
  • Free games or bonus rounds that are gifted for scatter, wild or other bonus symbols. 
  • Spin and bonus multipliers that greatly increase one’s wager and rewards. They are also called payouts.
  • And the king of bonuses, a jackpot  – the maximum prize one can win playing slots online.

How to Deposit and Withdraw in Video Slots?

One can also get a reward for depositing in video online slots. To deposit and then withdraw from a gambling service, one should register and fill in contact data.

To deposit or pull back the funds, follow the standard steps that are common for all classic online fruit machines:

  • Head to the cashier.
  • Select the “deposit” or “withdraw” mode. 
  • Choose the deposit or withdrawal method.
  • Make a transaction.

Withdrawals usually take some time, but one can also trigger an “Instant Win” bonus feature during gameplay. This bonus offers instant cashouts without waiting for a day or more.

How to Benefit from Playing Online Video Slots?

Many gambling strategies are discussed by slots admirers, but there is still no hundred percent solution to win. And that is the nature of playing slots, the absolutely random game of chance. Nobody can predict the result of a play using their minds and gambling experience. But some things can help to benefit from playing video slot machines online.

Get as many bonuses as you can. Apart from triggering rewards during gameplay, one can also get bonuses directly from the support team or for depositing.

Don’t forget about the autoplay feature to receive more bonuses and hasten the process of winning. To turn this mode on, push the respective button on the side of a screen and relax, watching the reels spin automatically. HighRatedCasinos compilation of reliable online slot machines includes those with an auto-spin option.

And, finally, to gain from gambling, choose reputable, reliable, and checked video slots casinos with high return to player (RTP) rates. RTP is a ratio of money spent by players to money paid out. For example, 95% RTP means a particular video slot machine pays out $0.95 for every $1 spent by gamblers. 

How to Choose Online Video Slots Provider?

That is a small part of the requirements that sets to video slot machine operators:

  • Slot machine services should have excellent reviews of real online gamblers. 
  • Online fruit machines casinos should be licensed, use a reliable software provider, and reveal information about the owner.
  • Digital one-armed bandits should be provably fair. If there is nothing to disguise, a provably fair online casino publishes the algorithm and the seed data (algorithm contains a server seed, a client seed, and a nonce). 
  • Declared RTP should be true.
  • A live support team of a slot casino should instantly answer gamblers’ questions and offer them special bonuses for their play.
  • Video slots websites are better to be compatible with mobile devices or have mobile apps.

Online video slots are a highly popular way to gamble and win real money. HighRatedCasinos wish all the gamblers good luck and beneficial spins at the best online slot casinos.