Roulette was first played in the early XVII century, and the game was created in the tryout of the renowned philosopher Blaise Pascal. Its modern form appeared in the late XVIII century in a Parisian casino and became famous worldwide. The roulette’s original version had 2 zeros, but French immigrants in Germany introduced a table with one zero so that bettors had a higher winning chance.

The profit on the roulette wheel is laid down on “0”. If “0” shows up, only stakes laid on zero gain and other bettors lose wagers. The European betting wheel, recognized as French, contains one zero. The American one comprises double zero with a zero, which act alike.

Now, roulette with a double zero is termed American, one zero – European. The original double-zero game became prevalent owing to the French city of New Orleans. From there, it ascended the Mississippi River and came to be famous throughout North America. Today you can play roulette online.

How to Play Roulette?

Game rules

In European type, the wheel comprises 37 sectors, 0 to 36. Thus, in this version, there is a higher possibility of winning than in variants with more sectors, like in American.

The staking table is divided into two parts – external with internal. Contestants can place their wagers on both parts. The inner area is designed for gambling on separate numbers or sets of 6 numbers maximum located near each other. The external section is intended for wagers on even or odd numbers, minor or large, black or red (18 or 12 number bets).

Moreover, there are additional rates for sets that include 7 to 17 figures. They are positioned on diverse segments of the wheel, yet a stake may be made with just a click on the “racetrack” sector – there, the numbers are arranged as on the roulette wheel.

Once you start, you will pick the chips’ color for this session. The client program lets you quickly choose the numeral and chips’ value for a stake. The game rules are simple, but for a beginner, staking seems complicated, since players place their stakes differently.

Bet size

The bet size is defined by the casino’s rules and may differ even for tables in one club. Internal or external bids are made independently; they must meet the minimum condition. If your stake wins, the initial sum is refunded, and you receive a win based on what you place a stake on.

The online client program won’t allow placing a stake less than the lowest bid. Therefore, if you take a small bet size, you will automatically place the smallest bet. The database summarizes all internal bids and checks if the least bid condition is met. Wagers with lower indicators will be removed when the event starts. In case there are some players, only the bids placed within the allotted time will be allowed.

Play Roulette Online

To play roulette online, you need to lay stakes and observe the wheel. Once all the bets are made, the ball is tossed into the wheel, and it rotates in the reverse track. Gradually the ball will stop on one of the segments – the zone where the ball is located wins.

Players can place many kinds of stakes. If the numeral “19” falls out, then the person who wagered on “19”, and staked on large, odd, or red numbers, will also win. Players may combine wagers, and the earnings for every gained bet are rewarded from 1: 1 to 35: 1.

Multiplayer tables

Online casinos offer roulette tables for several players, so you can meet your friends and have fun together. Multiplayer tables turn online gaming into interactive entertainment that is almost identical to playing in a regular casino.

Roulette Video

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